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Real Estate Acquisition and Development

When you are investing in commercial real estate, you should choose a lawyer who understands real estate investment from your perspective, the perspective of a land developer. Understanding the legal aspects of a transaction is only a small part of offering effective counsel. Understanding developer concerns, construction costs and other unique real estate issues is important to providing beneficial services.

If you are buying or selling commercial real estate, contact an experienced real estate attorney at the Law Offices of Dennis R. Delahanty, P.C.

When You Need More Than Legal Jargon, We Offer Knowledge Born Of Experience

Real estate development is often a complicated arena. Sometimes simply understanding real estate law is not enough to provide a developer, lender, construction company or contractor effective counsel. Sometimes, you need to understand what it takes to get the deal done quickly or avoid potential liability.

At the Law Offices of Dennis R. Delahanty, P.C., we have that experience. Attorney Dennis R. Delahanty has worked as a construction engineer; he has taken development projects from raw land to finished product as a land developer. As a lawyer, he has helped real estate development and investment clients effectively clear legal, regulatory and other obstacles so that they can quickly and successfully complete their transaction.

Over the last two decades, we have provided skilled legal counsel and effective guidance to real estate development clients in a variety of issues and transactions, including:

  • Commercial real estate investing
  • Due diligence in real estate ventures
  • Land acquisitions
  • Land sales
  • Environmental issues
  • Construction law
  • Shopping center development
  • Medical center development
  • Apartment complex developments
  • Real estate litigation

We understand that real estate development deals often have to be done quickly. Significant resources may be at stake. The more time spent negotiating the deal, the more time it will take to realize the benefit of the transaction. We work efficiently and tirelessly to help our clients achieve their goals.

For the experience and knowledge you need to get your real estate development and commercial investing deal done quickly and successfully, call 949-660-6300 or send an email to our California real estate development law offices to discuss your concerns with an experienced lawyer.