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About Dennis R. Delahanty: The Attorney And The Law Practice

A Trusted Lawyer And Veteran Businessman

The founder of our firm, Dennis R. Delahanty has extensive business, legal and real estate experience. Mr. Delahanty has worked as a civil engineer, land developer and business lawyer. As an engineer and land developer, he gained a clear understanding of the impact of real estate transactions. As a business attorney with 25-plus years of experience, he has served as counsel for a Fortune 500 company, negotiated transactions in more than 20 countries and has acted as general counsel for a number of businesses.

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A Law Practice Built On Experience And Trust

Among Mr. Delahanty’s professional experience and community involvement are the following:

  • He worked overseas as a construction engineer in Canada, Japan and Borneo building liquid natural gas plants.
  • He went to law school at Pepperdine University.
  • He became the vice president of Santa Fe International Corporation and set up businesses for that enterprise worldwide. He later oversaw the dissolution of the engineering-construction division.
  • He founded and operated a real estate development company focusing on commercial, retail and office projects.
  • He has built a private law practice primarily serving long-time, loyal clients.
  • He is active in family and community life through Indian Princesses, AYSO and other local organizations.

Founded in 1992, the Law Offices of Dennis R. Delahanty, P.C., has over 25 years of experience providing counsel to business organizations, land developers and other business clients.

The Law Offices Of Dennis R. Delahanty, P.C., Is Equipped To Handle Your Business Law Challenges

With experience in corporate law, business matters, health care businesses and real estate, we can advise your business in any corporate or real estate issue. Contact us in Newport Beach to schedule an appointment with an experienced business and commercial law attorney regarding any legal matter involving:

When you hire an attorney, you deserve someone who will take the time to respond to your questions and concerns. Having complete and accurate information is vital when making business decisions. We know that you won’t always have the time to wait for your lawyer to get back to you. You need answers. We are committed to providing our clients with accessible and responsive client service.

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