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Business Due Diligence

When buying or selling a business, performing due diligence is a necessary and important process. By making sure you understand the terms of the purchase agreement and that all the business operations are in order, you can anticipate and avoid conflicts in the future.

Buying a business is risky. Let us help you reduce that risk by performing due diligence thoroughly and accurately. Contact our law firm in Newport Beach, California, to schedule an appointment with an experienced business law attorney.

Putting Knowledge And Experience On Your Side

At the Law Offices of Dennis R. Delahanty, P.C., we have more than 25 years of experience performing business due diligence for our clients. Our founder, Mr. Delahanty, has firsthand knowledge in business transactions involving real estate development and civil engineering. As a business law attorney and business owner, he knows what to look for and can help you avoid future disputes by ensuring all company records are reviewed and are up-to-date.

Business due diligence involves making sure:

  • Choosing whether to purchase the business or its assets
  • The current business owner discloses significant third-party contracts
  • All current employees have contracts
  • The corporate records are up-to-date
  • The business holds annual shareholder meetings and documents those meetings
  • Noncompete agreements are in place
  • Expense allowances are in order

For Help Applying Due Diligence In Your Business Dealings

Failing to perform due diligence before you buy a business could result in serious problems later on. Losing employees, competition from the seller or his employees, or failing to adhere to third-party contracts are only two examples of potential hardships. Our firm helps clients avoid future disputes and enjoy smooth transitions into their new company. Contact our law offices by email or at 949-660-6300 to schedule an appointment with a California lawyer.