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Business and real estate transactions are often full of complications. Deadlines, regulations, relationships and new information can all combine to make business deals complex and difficult. You need an experienced business attorney who understands how to manage these complications in order to help you achieve positive results.

At the Law Offices of Dennis R. Delahanty, P.C., we have years of insight into business and real estate issues. Our firm's founder, attorney Dennis R. Delahanty, has extensive experience in business law. Applying this experience has allowed us to find effective solutions to a variety of business-related issues affecting California clients, including:

  • Business transactions
  • Real estate acquisition
  • Organization of business entities
  • Health care business issues
  • Business and real estate litigation
  • General counsel for your business
  • Contract negotiations
  • Real estate development

If you are looking for a business lawyer who can help you form a business organization, settle disputes, negotiate real estate transactions or handle virtually any complicated business transaction, contact our law offices.

A Business Lawyer Who Can Effectively Counsel Your Organization

Mr. Delahanty acts as general counsel for many of our business law clients, offering legal counsel at every phase of business operations. From initial formation to ongoing operation, we can assist you in your business and legal issues, both in transactions and litigation.

At the Law Offices of Dennis R. Delahanty, P.C., we offer the experience usually only found at a large firm with the accessibility and cost-effectiveness of a smaller legal practice.

One of our most important duties is to find solutions to the challenges that our business clients face so that their problems can be resolved as quickly as possible. Our experience allows us to anticipate and avoid problems before they become detrimental to your business. We are committed to simplifying legal issues, not complicating them.

Contact An Established Business Law Firm In Newport Beach

If you are seeking an experienced business law attorney who can help you find strategic and effective solutions to your business and real estate issues, contact our law offices in Orange County to schedule an appointment. Call 949-660-6300 or email us.